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Entry #3

Graphics Tablet!

2009-07-04 08:45:35 by Exevel

Just got the parents to order a graphics tablet! =D can't wait for it to come, now I can get some proper animation done ^^, it'll be awsome, can't wait!

I have a few ideas of what I want to make, a fantasy series about a boy who merges with a demon, I'll probably need more practice before I can attempt something of this calibur, mabye a comedy series or some video game parodies, to start improving my skill and making a name for myself in the world of flash. I still have much to learn, and I know nothing about action script ^^, other than how to make it stop and play.

Also I went around adding a load of movies to my favourites, I'd seen em before just forgot to add them to favs.

Oh and I made the second edition of that zombie apocalypse thing, it was a good experience and I learnt quite a bit from it, but it's time to move on to an animation with animation xD. Check it out

See ya around guys!


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2009-07-04 09:14:19

I'd see you have cool Ideas, you juzt need to improve your skills, so may I'll keepingan eye on you here at nwgrounds XD

Exevel responds:

Thanks man, you too, I'll see ya around =D.